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dm_trankillo_v1_t (get stuck in certain spawns)

dm_stn_area7_b1 - too big for small maps

Edit: these have been addressed as of 2020-04-15

lunatic_arena_v2 - too big for 3 players
dm_lubbers_island - Not well liked, but nt rtv'd - tbd

Skul`Shock Original HL2DM Server / ***MAP REQUESTS HERE***
« on: April 01, 2020, 10:19:31 PM »
Please list any requests for maps here.

Skul`Shock Original HL2DM Server / ***BROKEN/HATED MAPS HERE***
« on: April 01, 2020, 10:18:45 PM »
There are still loads of broken (sticky/stuck spawn points, not enough spawn points, missing textures, and any other game breaking glitch/bug) and/or hated maps. Please help me find them by listing them here!

Also, if you like the map but found it was inappropriate for the number of players on at the time (too big or too small), please specify. We have a custom plugin that allows us to sort maps by size, that will populate the voting lists based on number of players on at the time.

General Discussion / Re: Welcome Back!
« on: March 20, 2020, 03:21:34 AM »
Sup Statik. Hit me up on Steam sometime if you need any assistance with server maintenance.

You should maybe consider making a Discord as well, so we can get people together more quickly. Had fun fragging tonight, looking forward to many more!

I haven't really considered bringing the server into the modern era in any way like using Discord, mainly because I didn't expect so many people to pop out of the woodwork after my announcements. But that is a good Idea!

Also I can certainly use a lot of help with this project, so I will definitely hit you up as offered! Thank you in advance for anything you're able/willing to do.

General Discussion / Welcome Back!
« on: March 16, 2020, 06:28:42 PM »
Hello all,

Since Skul`Shock has traditionally always had a website and forum available to the community, I thought I would be remiss not to include one with the 2020 return. I obviously do not expect it to get much (if any traffic), but nevertheless, it is here to compliment and serve the community in this new era.

Hopefully, if things go well, I'd like to track down and copy some of the more iconic posts from previous forums using the Way Back Machine. However it is unlikely we will ever be able to restore them to any previous glory, as backups have likely been destroyed or misplaced throughout the many changes of hands over the years (and especially toward the end of the previous era, before the "dark ages" - the past couple years of down time). I am also hoping to collect a complete history of the community from previous owners, admins, and long-time players. A summary of that data will eventually comprise the main content on the homepage when finished.

The reason for the return of the server is simple. It created a lot of long-lasting friendships, amazing memories, and was just generally a huge part of a lot of people's lives for many years (myself included). It just seemed like almost a crime to let it die entirely. So I have FINALLY brought it back (as originally planned when I became curator of the files) to serve as a sort of eternal flame, and a place we can all get together from time to time for nostalgia's sake. Of course, that's not to say it wont pick up steam again!

Guess that's about all there is to say for now. More to come later!


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